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Version Control System and Service Adoption Proposal for Use in Classrooms with MATC IT Students

Project Technologies:

Git, GitHub, GitLab, Git Bash

Project Overview:

I was asked to work on this project by my internship advisor on behalf of the MATC IT department. I was tasked with researching the use of version control systems and services, so that I could recommend which service and system to adopt to the IT Staff. I first gathered the requirements. Then, since I knew very little about version control systems or services at the start of the project, I spent time researching various attributes of each, such as popularity in the workplace, time it takes to learn, type and size of repositories, etc. I reported to my internship advisor weekly to report and discuss what I had been working on. Finally, I wrote up a proposal with my recommendations and presented my proposal to the IT staff.

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Project Outcome:

The final project deliverables were a project proposal document and a project slideshow for the presentation recommending Git as the version control system and GitLab as the version control service to be adopted for use with the students. The project proposal was 14 pages long, including references. Based on my previous experience as a teacher, I made recommendations for the introduction and implementation of Git and GitLab within the IT Development curriculum. I also included resources that the IT staff could visit to aid in integrating and implementing the use of the recommended Git and GitLab within classrooms.

Project Deliverables:

Version Control System and Service Adoption Proposal for Use in Classrooms with MATC IT Development Students

Proposal Presentation Slides

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