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Sikh Temple of Wisconsin Website Redesign

Project Technologies:

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, FontAwesome

Project Overview:

This project was my final project for Responsive Web Design. We were tasked with designing or redesigning a website using responsive techniques and a framework.

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Project Outcome:

As the final project for Responsive Web Design, the requirements of this project were to create a responsive website using HTML5 and CSS3, use media queries for responsive web design, be organized and logical, and look professional. I first had to present my idea and a mockup design to the instructor. I chose Sikh Temple of Wisconsin's website to redesign because of a personal connection and because I saw the need for the site to be updated. I then developed the site and deployed it. Beta testing was conducted on the site and I then integrated those suggestions into the final project. Finally, I presented the project and the finished website to the Responsive Web Design class and to my instructor. The instructor had these comments about the final project:

" Amy - Great work on your project for the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin web site redesign. You have demonstrated your knowledge of working with the Bootstrap framework to create a responsive web site. I like the fact that your gallery was well thought out and played out symmetrically. Hopefully your picked up some tips during the critique session in class. I like your version better than their current site - it has a modern look and feel. Great work! I really enjoyed having you in class this semester. – Jonathan"

Project Deliverables:

Site Project Plan


Beta Testing Report Form

Redesigned Sikh Temple of Wisconsin Website

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