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Literacy Center Learner Management System

Project Technologies:

Django, Python, MySql

Project Overview:

This project was my final capstone project in my Web & Software Development program. I planned, designed, and developed the Literacy Center Learner Management System (LCLMS) to potentially be used as a resource supplement at the Repairers of the Breach Literacy Center where I used to be Literacy Coordinator. To challenge myself, to practice more with Python, and to learn a new framework at the same time, I decided to develop the entire project in Django with help only from the web and Django documentation. The web application is a simplified learner management system where learners can login, create a profile, find learning resources, and see their test scores.

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Project Outcome:

This project was my capstone project for my Web and Software Development program. I first had to come up with a concept document for the project, which was subsequently approved by my instructor. Then I had to write up the project overview, complete with project schedule, wireframes and test criteria. After the planning phase, I developed the code in Django and turned in written status reports as well as a video on YouTube to inform the instructor of my progress. Finally, I deployed the application using, which offered a Python environment and hosting for a basic plan and presented my application to the instructor.

Project Deliverables:

Concept Document

Project Overview


Test Criteria

Project Schedule

LCLMS Web Application

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